Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Original rucksack to draw

original rucksack to draw Original rucksack to draw

All the small children like to do and to draw, but more he likes when they do it undercover in the walls of his house, which remain covered of spot and scrawl throughout. And if instead of doing it in the walls, they do it in his rucksack?

The Notebag is a simple school bag that is provided with the originality of being simultaneously a slate so that the smallest enjoy creating works of art in her. There they can draw with chalk or scoreboards, which then are cleaned easily with a cloth piece.

The novel thing is that, also, you can add a covering of transparent plastic so that the drawings of you should sin do not resign accidentally. And a big idea is that the parents also use this rucksack - slate …

There you will be able to leave notes that you wish your child to remember when it should be in the school, as for example, that does not forget to bring his overcoat or the salver of the lunch. Really, an original idea that entretenerĂ¡ to the children that they like the art.

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