Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pregnancy calculator per weeks

pregnancy Calculator sucks echo per weeks

If something reveals us when we are pregnant it is to know how there is our baby, who will do again inside our paunch, if it hears, if it sees, if it yawns. All the information for that we look on the development of the fetus, will bring us over more to our son.

To see how it is growing, first we must find out how many weeks our pregnancy has. You can consult a pregnancy calculator per weeks. You must put there the date of your last period and he will say to you all the weeks and days you go on the day of today.

There are many of these calculator s in Internet, but the best are undoubtedly, those that they include information about the development of the fetus. The first weeks will only speak to you about feet and hands that are appearing, but you will get excited equally. After 4 months, when the general structure of the fetus is finished, they will begin to tell you his new skills.

Some calendars come accompanied from images that illustrate the current aspect of your baby to you. They calculate also the weight and the measurements brought near for this week in particular.

The ultrasounds or ultrasound scans are even more exciting. Of a puntito that beats, it will grow so much that you will see touching him the nose, extracting the language, to stretch and to be wound inside you. When he is born, you will see it doing the same movements.

It is an important knowledge in which week we are for the prenatal control panel. The growth of the baby is so rapid, that the examinations must be done in the stated week, not earlier nor later. The health of the fetus and your health are essential in these 9 months.

He remembers that the doctors begin to count the weeks of pregnancy from the last menstruation, because it is a date that most of the women know, but the conception of your baby was two weeks later. Therefore, of these 40 weeks, the two first ones: you were not pregnant!

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