Friday, March 12, 2010

The second pregnancy

mom hijo1 The second pregnancy
You are already an expert mom. You do not have the fantastic fears of the first pregnancy, where quite there were questions. You do not doubt if you will realize the signs of an imminent childbearing. You already know that you will sleep uncomfortable, that you will have the abundant hair and with sheen or that you will not be able to put on your shoes.

Now you will see, also, that every pregnancy is different. Clear that also there affects the age and the difference between each one, but up to the mothers who had his followed children they remember the different experiences in every gestation.

Perhaps, the most important difference is than in your first pregnancy: you did not have another son!

Well, depending on the age that it has, your son or elder daughter will react of different way. The biggest can understand better what it is happening, and even can take the assistants' role when the baby is born. The smallest can do retrogressions, but everything will return to the normality in a time.

You can make use of the second pregnancy he has time and to prepare it for what is going to come. It is wonderful to tell them, as they pass the weeks, as it was their pregnancy. “When it had you in the paunch and the doctor said to me that you were a male …”, “when you were inside mine, you were moving as if you were dancing”: “are we going to make him musical to the paunch, as it was doing when you were inside?”

If the pregnancy comes well, it is possible to make it take part in the ultrasounds or ultrasound scans, for example. I do not forget when I listened to the beats of my sister … and it was some time ago! With the same idea I made to inform my daughter of the growth of his brother, he did not want to be missing to any ultrasound scan.

This way, he will be able to know that he or she came from the same way and with the same love. He will not prevent from feeling that a small intruder steals his mom from him, but of course your patience will help him to adapt itself to the new reality.

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