Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to know if I am pregnant

I have the suspicion, but I do not cheer up to do the pregnancy test yet to myself. And if I am only sugestionada? Better I hope that a few days more I hope the period comes. But if I become anxious, probably it does not take revenge. What do I do? How to know if I am pregnant or not?

What woman with doubts about his state will not have done a mental dialogue with herself as this one? Perhaps change the words, but when we suspect a pregnancy we want to foresee it before meeting the definitive answer.

Between the symptoms that appear to the beginning of a pregnancy, the first one is the absence of the rule or menstruation. If you are irregular hair will not move you, but the women who have his periods in date already will begin extracting accounts.

In the body they can detect some tracks to themselves, but they change from woman woman. What almost they all feel there are the puffed up and aching bosoms, to the point of not supporting even the rubbing of the clothes.

Someone speak about a punctual pain in the area of the belly, as if a needle was puncturing them, from the vagina towards the womb. For others the pain is like that of the rule and that confuses them.

Then the sickness and the morning sickness are, especially to the awakening. There can happen also episodes of vomiting and faints.

It is possible also that you of for visiting the frequent bath and suddenly, that you wave yourself to the gait or to do efforts. Also the back can hurt you or difficulties appear to sleep.

Each of the symptoms does not say anything himself, but the set of them can give you more tracks. Do not take importance from him to your intuition, many women internally we know if we have remained pregnant or it is an only one fright.

The best thing, in any case, is to do a test as soon as possible. He remembers that to remain a pregnant woman demands to your body a major yield from him and you it have to provide with minerals, vitamins and acid fólico that are not necessary in other stages of your life.

Do not turn and: do the test to yourself!

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