Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to conceive binoculars naturally

Many women fantesean in spite of giving birth to twin children. The twin babies are those that develop from the fertilization of only one ovum and a sperm that splits into two during the first phases of his development. That's why the fact is that a baby is identical to other.

Although there are genetic factors or special treatments those that mainly affect in the gestation of multiple children, also there exist several natural mechanisms that they help in his conception.

Know them next.

It checks the history of your family. The parents who are twin cannot have twin children: she is the woman the one that must ovulate of more or to produce more than one egg in his ovulation period. Those women who have direct relatives who have had binoculars have a lot of possibilities of having them.

She tries to remain a pregnant woman between 35 and 40 years, although well you know that you will have to have major care. The women have many other possibilities of conceiving binoculars at this age, even without direct relatives with twins.

It balances your weight and takes a good feeding. The well fed, healthy women and with a light weight increase twin babies have major chances of gestating. A feeding rich in milk also helps.

Feed on wild yam, which it contains chemists who make the hyperovulation possible. Igbo-Ora, a people of Nigeria, has 400 % of births of twins, the highest valuation in the world. And it has been proved that it has been for the consumption of the wild yam.

It takes acid fólico from two or three months before conceiving. In addition to preparing defects in the birth of the baby, he helps to conceive binoculars. Only you need a dose of 4mg per day.

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