Monday, March 8, 2010

How to communicate to the family that you are pregnant

 How to communicate to the family that you are pregnant

A pregnancy changes the life to him to any woman. Be a wished baby or an unexpected pregnancy, there will be one earlier and one later in the life of the mother-to-be.

That's why, to communicate to your dear beings that you are in the sweet waiting always turns out to be a big event, since the arrival of a new member also will change the life of the whole family. But, skylight, sometimes to communicate the news about a pregnancy can be complicated, especially in the cases in which it has not been looked and you do not meet stable couple.

What must you do when there comes the moment to communicate it to the family? Obviously, when we speak about maternity there are neither recipes nor formulae that indicate you what you have to do: you will do yourself what you create suitably and of the form that you consider depending on your situation. Anyhow, we leave to you some advices that you can bear in mind at the time of facing this moment.

First, he thinks how you believe that they will react. That will depend if you are too young, too much major or if it has been a pregnancy looked for time.

If it is a pregnancy for that they were not waiting, prepare yourself to listen to yourself to his answers.

It gives the news along with your husband and opposite to the whole gathered family. Organize a lunch in family and tell all the innovation.

If you live far, try to communicate with your beings wanted across the phone or videochat and not for mail or messages mobile route. Such an important news you must communicate it achieving a more nearby and intimate contact. It calls first your parents and brothers, and then it continues with the rest of the family.

With the time, you will not need to say anything any more. The paunch will count the history herself.

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