Saturday, March 6, 2010

The crawling, benefits and stimuli

I scratch The crawling, benefits and stimuli When the babies gain autonomy and begin to feel 'independent' they want to know everything what surrounds them, walk is not an option because they are still very small and cannot do it, then crawl is the alternative.

This moment is one of most hoped by the parents that they long to see his children moving alone. To crawl stimulates the bones and muscles, he encourages the independence and the capacity of the decision making.

According to abcdelbebe to crawl allows the baby to turn autonomous simultaneously that strengthens his extremities, neck, back and joints, it develops his senses and allows him to recognize his body.

The babies usually begin crawling when they have about eight to nine months, some of them do it about the year, others at the age of six months, and learn others to walk without never having crawled.

To stimulate that your child crawls it has determined activities that you can realize, as for example:

  • To allow the child to be in position mouth below, in a surface in which he could explore and move.
  • On having changed it of clothes, nappy, or on having bathed it, they can make ‘gymnastics‘ be extending that is to say and flexionando his legs to be able to give him force and muscular tone.
  • The toys with sounds and colors are showy and they can stimulate that they move to fight it.
  • The clothes of the baby must be a commode and the best thing is to avoid the use of shoes.

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