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Simple tips to calm the crying of the baby (II)

simple tips to calm the crying of the baby II Simple tips to calm the crying of the baby (II)

The constant crying and uproar of the baby is one of the big fears of the parents. And the worst thing there is the frustration that invades them when it seems that more attempts do to calm the child, less they achieve it.

As we said to you in the first delivery, the important thing is to be supported under control and with the sufficient calmness as for, newly there, to calm the child. After all, nobody is born knowing how to be parents and you must take the matter with the biggest possible calmness.

Conocé more tips to calm the crying of the baby.

To rock in a chair with the baby in arms or to rock it gently in a swing can help to calm it. The movement distracts them and does that they forget the crying.

Take the ropita from him. It is possible that your baby cries because he feels uncomfortable with the clothes or suffers some inconvenience in his skin how, for example, those caused by the very exact nappies. Be useful and do soft massages to him so that it remains asleep.

It bathes to your baby. The heat and water help to relax and if you want you can apply lavender oil in your bath to achieve a special aroma.

Wrap it with a mantita. After a relaxing bath, wrap it in a warm and soft mantita. This sensation of heat and protection is similar to the one that the baby feels in the womb.

I contact skin with skin. Your baby supports in your breast or in the abdomen. This nearby contact will offer to him safety to the child and mother and son presses the tie hard.

Bring the pacifier over. Many babies find consolation in the sucking of his pacifier or thumb. Leave it and you will see that it calms down to the moment.

It reduces the external stimulation. If you have continued all the steps and your child has not calmed down yet, perhaps the problem is in another place. It extinguishes the lights of your house, reduces the volume of the television or the music center and bundle that in your hearth I reigned the calmness, since the tense ambiences and with a lot of noise they disturb the babies.

Go for a walk in car. A brief walk in car will calm your baby more than you think. With the vibrations and the sounds they will be kept silent up to the most persistent crying.

Go for a walk outdoors. If you are not convinced by the idea of going out in motorcar, choose for a pretty walk with the pram for the park. The fresh air will be right both in the child and in his mom.

Control yourself
. Since we have said to you, before trying to calm the baby, they are the parents those who must be calm. Take a few minutes to calm down and if it is necessary call also some relative or the babysitter.

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