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Frequent complications of the pregnancy

paunch hands ringed frequent Complications of the pregnancy

You are pregnant. And although you know that everything is fine, always there appears the fear of that something complicates. You know that there exists the possibility that complications arise during the pregnancy, because the nature presents these challenges. The good thing is it remains calm that is doing everything to himself so that our son grows well.

To speak about the possible complications must not be a tool to be scared, but to admit as soon as possible if there is a problem and, consequently, to act quickly.

Here some of the complications will see in the pregnancy the most common that happen in the future moms.

  • anemia: it is when the quantity or the size of the red globules is minor to the normal thing. Generally it is corrected by the iron ingestion.
  • incompetent neck of the womb: the neck cannot retain to the fetus and is opened. It happens generally after the week 16. It is possible to do a uterine cerclaje to retain to the fetus.
  • illness of the Rh: it happens only when the mother has blood factor negative Rh and the father is positive Rh. It is serious for the baby, generally in the second pregnancy, but there exists a vaccine (Gamma Hyperimmune Globulin Anti D) that prepares this problem.
  • previous afterbirth: the afterbirth remains situated covering the neck of the womb. It is common up to 20 weeks, but if Indian Cesarean section is not corrected. In the most complicated cases it presents hemorrhage dangerous for the baby and his mom if it does not talk each other immediately.
  • diabetes gestacional: it is a type of diabetes that happens during the pregnancy. It is necessary to detect it by means of a glycemia between the weeks 24 and 28 to be able to control it.
  • preenclampsia or hypertension: it happens in hypertense women or in the normotensas it can be provoked by the pregnancy. It needs strict control, because it is dangerous for the two. Sometimes it is provoked by problems of thyroid gland.
  • premature break of bag: when you break waters before the week 32. That would unleash the childbearing, as it is early so that the baby is born they usually treat you to help it to and avoid infections mature.
  • thyroid illnesses: hipertiroidismo and hipotiroidismo, they need to be diagnosed because they generate other complications. Do not forget to warn him your doctor if you suffer any of them.
  • afterbirth detachment: it takes as a symptom a very intense pain and hardening of the womb. Associated with the preenclampsia, it is an internal hemorrhage that is detaching the afterbirth. In serious cases it needs an urgent Cesarean section to save the baby.

Now when you have an idea of what is what you must bear in mind: to look after and to enjoy!

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