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I embarrass the 40

I embarrass the 40 Embarrass the 40

Did the youngest child of the family appear when less they were waiting for it? Some time ago that you wanted to be a mother and finally did it happen? Did you programme it for this age for professional or personal motives? Be as it is, welcome to the club of the pregnant women to the 40.

The doctors call to the pregnancy the 40 late pregnancy. For the medicine, biologically speaking, the best age of the woman to conceive is between the 20 and 30 years.

Although the pregnancy to the 40 is not a problems synonymous one, it means that it has his peculiarities. It is a situation that, like any other one, it offers advantages and disadvantages.

Between the favorable aspects there is indicated the ripeness of the woman or of the couple, his economic safety, the fact of having a career and an established employment that favors the return to the work.

Between the disadvantages, they are especially recounted to the biological thing. Some risks increase, but that does not mean that all the moms who are embarrassed at this age have problems. In fact, the majority has a healthy pregnancy and a son.

Mother and Child 40 Embarrassed the 40

First of all, the fertility diminishes from 30 years, what means that it is probable that more time is taken in remaining a pregnant woman or that be necessary to resort to the medical help.

Secondly, it is necessary to think that, in contrast to the men, the ova are so old as we. That implies a major risk of:

  • congenital illnesses, like the syndrome of Down. At the age of 25, the probability is 1 in 1250, a forties it comes to 1 in 100. It is very important in these cases to realize the early tests of detection of congenital defects.
  • miscarriages. This it has direct bearing on the chromosomal anomalies.

In the third place, the pregnant women older than 40 years have more probabilities of facing complications during the pregnancy.

Finally, also there increase to the double the possibilities of having a Cesarean section, compared with a pregnancy at the age of 20.

It is key, of that time, to have a prenatal control and to consume every day acid fólico and multivitamins, as well as to have a good feeding and a healthy weight. The health of the baby depends on the fierceness that the mom is.

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