Saturday, March 20, 2010

Puzzle carpet for children

puzzle carpet for children Alfombra of puzzle for children

What child has not enjoyed trying to arm a puzzle? We all during our infancy have faced the challenge of finding and of forming the image hidden behind a few accounts pieces of puzzle scattered by the soil.

And this time is the jigsaw puzzle the one that is under the feet, because it is the proper carpet. Really, a very creative design for the room of the children, who will amuse themselves very much arranging and modifying the pieces in the soil of his bedroom.

puzzle carpet for children 1 puzzle Carpet for children

puzzle carpet for children 4 Carpets of puzzle for children

puzzle carpet for children 2 Carpets of puzzle for children

Since you can detach and join the pieces repeatedly, the carpet is the sufficiently flexible thing as to adapt itself to the size of any room, since it will never be demasadio long or too short. Also, there comes with pieces in different colors which will feed the imagination of smaller that they will be able to decorate his room with proper designs.

One day you have a coloring carpet, other a carpet of smooth color. Everything depends the creativity of the children from the forms and combinations of colors who want to drink to his carpet.

If you want to know more about this one and other designs for children it enters the Counterform web.

puzzle carpet for children 3 Carpets of puzzle for children

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