Thursday, March 18, 2010

When and how to exercise after the pregnancy

when and like exercising after the pregnancy When and how to exercise after the pregnancy

You have already have turned into mother and your baby is sanito and calmly, as you wanted. Now it is a turn to lower kilos and to recover the figure that so much has been modified during nine months of pregnancy.

Of course feel very anxious for recapturing the physical activity as soon as possible, but first it knows what the year's profits will be I postset off. In addition to helping you to recover your weight, he will return you your force and muscular tone, will improve your fortitude and will give you the sufficient energies as to face the typical depression that comes after giving birth.

What is it the best moment to begin? Earlier the doctors were saying that newly six weeks after the childbearing, but now the things changed and they recommend to do it when you feel ready, any time you have had a normal childbearing and without complications. In case of the Cesarean section, better ask your obstetra.

Anyway, a walk will always come well to treat the wounds and to prepare the blood cuágulos formation. According to the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States, the ideal thing is that a woman realizes minimum two hours and a half of aerobic exercise of intense to moderated per week after giving birth.

And for not sobrexigirte when you return to the gymnasium, bear in mind the following thing:

  • Do warming up and stretch your muscles before beginning.
  • It begins slowly then to increase the intensity.
  • Stay hydrated earlier and during the exercise.
  • It interrupts the activity before any pain or inconvenience.
  • It uses sports supports for your bosoms.
  • If you notice bled vaginal, consult immediately with your doctor.

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