Thursday, March 4, 2010

Design furniture: Animal, the table - dog

animal table design Furniture: Animal, the table dog

The infantile furniture I surprise every day more and more. The fact is that of a time to this part, the industrial designers have begun worrying about creating not only furniture that fulfill his basic function, but also they are created to promote every detail of the furniture looking that fulfills not only one, but for several functions and that adapts himself of the best way to his recipients. In this case the children.

Quentin de Coster, a student of Belgian design proposed to create a table for children. But instead of remaining with the traditional design of a table and four paws, he wanted to go further away. He thought about how to create a design that was a result of the reflex of the form and of the stereotypes that the children have about the world that surrounds them.

To manage to design a table that was adapting itself to the world that a five-year-old child perceives, he asked a group of children to draw on a sheet different dogs. Based on these drawings he thought about how to take this form to the wood, reaching the result of the image: “Animal“. Like that it is as his creator has called to this table, because despite serving as table, there is not this the first concept that it generates when it is seen, but on the contrary, it is possible to see clearly the figure of a dog.

Interesting way of creating that of Quentin, forgetting the utilitarian end of the things and being focused in the design and in the proper recipients.

table animal3 design Furniture: Animal, the table dog table animal2 design Furniture: Animal, the table dog table animal1 design Furniture: Animal, the table dog

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