Friday, December 11, 2009

To travel pregnant woman, more advices to bear in mind

To travel pregnant woman

It already does a time we have given them eight advices to bear in mind for when one travels being pregnant. But there are more considerations to be born in mind at the moment of traveling pregnant woman. He remembers that when you are already pregnant the care of your health also implies the care of the life that you take inside. Reason more than forceful to continue the indications and power to enjoy a pleasure trip or for work without later complications.

The first thing that you must bear in mind is what it is the moment of the propitious pregnancy to realize trips without difficulties. The first recommendation is that you do not travel too much early, that is to say, not in the first two months of pregnancy. It is in this period that there are more probabilities of losing the pregnancy, with which it is not advisable to travel.

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