Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to confront the life after an abortion to have been realized?


After the abortion, most of the women can go so far as to have negative feelings towards the sex, that is to say, I push back towards another person, be already his husband, couple, etc., for wanting to have sexual relations. In turn that others, they make use of the experience to choose a contraceptive method that helps them to avoid not wished pregnancy, since mostly, the women who decided to realize an abortion, it was because they did not take the precautions adapted to avoid the pregnancy and when they realized the events it was already too much late.

Big part of the women says to feel mitigation of having taken the best decision under these circumstances, since if they had gone forward they might not have supported this situation. This is the most common reaction, on the other hand for other women, the abortion can produce a quantity of emotional reactions like sadness, fault, fury, shame and repentance. Some women feel bad because they do not feel fault of having aborted and think that in fact they must feel culprit. In general, to understand your emotional pain can help you to begin to leave of a side the sorrow, the fury or the shame that you can be feeling. It is important to admit that you are aggrieved and to take care of yourself if you are happening in difficult moments.

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