Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drawings of Santa Claus to color

Who does not meet and loves this nice fat person who visits us every December 25 with a gifts bag for the children? And who did not want to fly in his sledge all over the world? To feed the illusion of the children, to entertain them and to entertain these holidays, nothing better than the following drawings of Santa Claus to color.

We all meet Santa Claus, Saint Claus or San Nicolás, as he gets accustomed to calling it about the world. This bearded old man of red clothing has invaded everything. The shops, the houses of toys, the decorations for the tree, and even the children can visit it in many shopping centers and have the privilege of sitting down in his lap, of telling him well that they behaved throughout the year and to ask him what they want to receive like Christmas present.

(I resided …)

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