Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tips to avoid accidents in the Holidays


The Christmas festivities and New Year there are instances to celebrate along with the family and friends. But between so many persons, meals, adornments, lights and new toys you must be more attentive than of custom to the behavior of your babies to protect his safety, even more if they are not at home. That's why, ZonaBebés advises you to take the advices for the holidays that approach.

C uidado with the lights and the adornments of the Christmas tree. The children are always curious for everything new and coloring and of course turn out to be attracted by the adornitos that decorate the Christmas arbolito. It is crucial that you pay a lot of attention to his movements and withdraw from his scope the switches and electrical cables.

Stay alert with the fireworks. It is dangerous for all, but without a doubt that the children must be more protected if in your house they are accustomed to celebrating with flares or fireworks. For safety reasons and so that you them sin there do not get lost the lights of colors that so much they like, keep them remote or if you prefer, do that they look at them for the window.

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