Monday, December 21, 2009

Care to go to the beach with your baby


One comes the summer, the epoch of the holidays, the sand, the sun and the sea. But for whom they are parents of small children to go to the beach can turn in synonymous of problems if there do not take the precautions necessary for the care of the boys opposite to the high temperatures. In ZonaBebés we bring a series of advices over to you at the time of vacacionar with your baby.

First of all, he remembers that you must go to the beach either with minor babies of six months, nor even with solar protector, remaining to the shade or under the sunshade. At this age, his skin is extremely sensitive because it does not produce yet melanin, which is the substance that naturally protects us from the sun. You must not also tread on the beach between 10 of the morning and 5 p.m., since this is the schedule in which the beams of the sun come with more force.

When the child should be six months yes you can lead it to knowing the sand and the sea but, of course, with a lot of care. Between them, the application of abundant solar protector superior to the factor 30, that you will have to place in all his body half an hour before exhibiting it to the sun and then re-applying on having gone out of bathing. Also the cloudy days you must put solar screen and hat to protect his eyes.

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