Monday, December 7, 2009

Stories to play, a safe book

stories to play

A book to play. This is the purpose of the stories written by recognized Gianni Rodari, the whole modality in the infantile literature of the XXth century. It is a question of Stories to play, a book more than advisable for all the children.

This one freed account with 20 stories, which have 3 ends each one. This does that the readership, in this case the children could choose the end that they prefer, and even to learn that the only alternative does not exist for any history.

All the stories although they are for children, they have irony touches and even of fresh humor, which will entertain the children and also to those parents who want to read them to themselves. Surrealistic situations, reflect on the society, they are in the background of these stories, because although perhaps the smallest do not understand it, also it is a way of educating.

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