Monday, December 28, 2009

Drawings of Magi to color

Drawings of Magi to color

After a few days of that there approaches the celebration of the Epiphany, more known in the entire world as the day of Magi, we want that more you are too the hearth amuse themselves coloring these kings and with it also learn who these famous Magi de Oriente were and why on January 6 they stop in his shoes regalitos.

It is for it that we invite to keep in your computer the following drawings of Magi to color and to print. But so that any even major important copper, it is advisable that while they color the drawings, you tell them what is what they are coloring, why there appear camels, a desert, stars and gifts.

He remembers that these magicians come from the Catholic tradition, and appear in his Bible. There is reported how the first visitors of the child Jesus, when this one was born in Bethlehem of Nazareth, were guided by the stars up to finding it and honoring his birth with valuable gifts for the epoch: gold, olibanum and myrrh.

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