Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby's clothes to the fashion


The clothing designs for children some time ago already broke the schemes of the colors and classic designs: pink, celestial, flowers, ducklings and demolished. Every time new and original designs arise for every class of child … or rather every class of dad. Because they are that elijen the clothes that they want his children show, and are they who look that his children show the same personal style.

If you belong to the modern parents of whom they like the subject-matter of the tattooes, the pop art, the Japanese drawings and the anime, I recommend to you to visit the shop Ruthless and Toothless that the artists of the tattoo created more famous persons of the actuality and tatuadores of the study Miami Ink.

It talks each other, nothing more not neither more nor less, that of the shop of clothes created by the protagonists of the reality show Miami Ink: Chris, Darren, James and Yoji.

(I resided …)

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