Thursday, November 19, 2009

To prepare the nipples for the lactation?


A few years ago, it usually answer this question with yes and several recommendations. There were several suggestions to diminish the risk of enduring pain in the nipples. For example, it was recommended to "harden" the nipples touching them or rubbing them with a towel, or that was saying that it was good to use a toothbrush on the same ones (what fear!).

Today, like account lactanciahoy, it is known that these old suggestions probably were causing more pain. Since the prime mover of the pain in the nipples owes to the bad laying of the baby in the breast. When the position is corrected, the pain disappears. If you are giving the breast well, it should not hurt you.

Thanks to special oil secreted by the glands of Montgomery, "puntillos" about the areola, the nipples stay clean. There is no need to use soap to wash them. Moreover, the soap might I will cause redryness in the skin.

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