Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rock for children. Infect your passion to them from children


Many parents when his children are small do not stop imagining and hipotetizar what his son will be when it is big. To what will he devote himself, what he will like, in what area it will develop. Will poet be mathematical, an architect, a doctor? Will he be an artist? Often all that for that we long for our children is only our desires and sleep that think about how to turn in fact into who takes your own blood. Other times, the dads think about how to infect his children with the same tastes and this way to transmit the same passion to them for something.

If you belong to the above mentioned, and you like the Rock, of course daydream in spite of seeing your child turned into the whole rocker. It already does a time I presented a few brilliant garments to you so that there seems such which the whole musician heavy. Now I invite you to inculcate him the musical taste from well teeny-weeny. How? Making them listen to this music that so much you like of the best way: turned into music for children.

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