Monday, November 2, 2009

Chinese shades to teach your child and to amuse itself together


There must be nothing prettier than one night to sit down with your child and with a lamp and a white wall to teach him that with your manitos it can create incredible forms using the shade that they generate. It is very basic and very simple, often habrás heard to speak about the Chinese Shades, and nevertheless it is not very common that parents teach to your children this millennial art that never stopped being fashionable and that it entertains equally to big and small.

This popular game consists of interposing the hands between a source of light and a screen or wall, so that the position and the movement of the hands projects on the screen shades that different beings represent in movement. It is such a way that the child will see forming the figure of elephants that move your horn, swans that drink water and dogs that bark. Everything is a question of learning the positions of the hands and of allowing to demolish the imagination.

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