Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He teaches the child to sleep only


You must teach him to your baby to sleep only. It is very important that you do it. If the moment has come do not postpone it. Now well … it takes into consideration these councils of vivirdiario, this way the separation will be easier to confront.
That does not fall asleep eating:

• If the baby, before falling asleep, remains with the memory of the feeding-bottle or the bosom of the mother, it will create the habit of not falling asleep until they feed it. To avoid it, feed him one hour before going to sleep and if he falls asleep while he eats, try to wake up him. That the last memory of the baby, on having been awake, is his cradle and his Hamitic one, not the feeding-bottle or the breast. If it takes the child to the bed of his dads to eat, before putting the problem to bed, it worsens.

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