Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to do a Christmas tree with the origami skill

How to do a Christmas tree with the origami skill

We are already in the middle of November, and begin breathing the typical air of the closeness of the holidays. The year is still to finish and the most important celebrations of the year come closer in the entire world: Christmas and New Year.

Undoubtedly the Christmas is an event of big relevancy for the family and for the smallest, who wait with avidity for the arrival of Santa Claus and his gifts. But so that the holiday receives sense and the children her enjoy more that never, the best thing is to do them participants of everything.

It is for it that he invited you to create along with your diverse children adornments, very easy to do, to decorate your hearth or to hang in your arbolito. And speaking of arbolito about Christmas, today we will teach you of doing one with role, under the origami skill.

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