Monday, November 23, 2009

Hygiene of the ears


The hygiene of the baby is very important and very delicate. Especially, the hygiene of the hate. Do you know how to clean the ears of the baby? Well, all right ….no worry, if you do not know now we teach you.

For the cleanliness of the ears of the baby a very deep cleanliness is not needed. It is enough to spend the piquito of a towel or a humid gauze for the auditory pavilion. It is not necessary to rub too much not anything. Of course, it is not possible to forget to spend the pañito for the creases behind the ears.

Never use cotton buds in the ears of the baby. The rods can hurt them. Also, they do not do any more that to push the wax inwards and being able to injure the eardrum. It is not necessary to extract the wax, this one is leaving herself.

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