Monday, October 19, 2009

Walls imantadas so that you them sin decorate with drawings


Mothers, not to lose hope. A brilliant answer exists so that your children decorate all your walls with your drawings and that these do not get dirty. Every creation of your child is processed as walls imantadas, in that you will be able to crash every drawing, decorating absolutely the whole room with them, without the problems of the plaster of the tape and the oversight of the painting.

These walls imantadas are a product of Pinturalmán, a system of painting that does of every wall a magnetic display board.

How do they do it? By means of a background latex painting by means of water premixed with very thin and antirust metallic particles. This painting then will be able to be covered with any painting of finished in any color. The painting is applied easily with a foam roller that then is debugged simply with water. Once be quite dry, you will see as the magnets remain pasted to the wall, as do it in the ice-cream maker. Simply brilliant.

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