Friday, October 16, 2009

Tender dolls to give the baby or the future mom


Who did not want to adopt to one of this plush? Can it exist a little so sweetly and tenderly that enclosed I stopped seeming artificial to happen to be something that could have perfectly life and feelings, like these incredible and original dolls of plush?

So much so the proposal is not to buy them but to adopt them. The fact is that really to a bunny with this look, it is not possible to think of buying it, but in wanting to take care.

It is processed as the creation of an Australian couple: Jenny and Benny who had the passion for collecting teddy bears until one day it was they who decided to create themselves theirs with their own hands. First they began to create them to give friends like gifts for the children who were born. Little by little they were learning the skill and every time the creations were more needed by more persons. It was as well as they created the shop Jenny Loves Benny in whom they sell only these beautiful and tender plush dolls.

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