Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stories and advices to educate to ours sin


Till some time ago back the children were falling asleep with stories invented by your dads or with the classic infantile book that was reported in the night to night and that was converted in preferred of the child at the time of conciliating the sleep. Now the alternatives are major and varied. Thanks to the tool and the possibilities that Internet offers, to educate and to entertain our children were converted into a simpler task and more disfrutable.

For today I bring to them a new web portal dedicated entirely to facilitating the task of the dads in the education of the smallest, with advices and many, many stories to read to him or to teach him to read. Stories are processed as the page to sleep in the one that you will find not alone an extensive stories collection, that you can choose to read them to your child or do them to him to listen.

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