Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home-made recipes to fight to the louses


Every mom knows that the louses are an enemy difficult to fight. Especially when the children of the house are different and it infects one to other. But not to lose hope, that the louses are a hard bone of gnawing but not impossible to eliminate. We have already given you some advices to prepare the contagion. Today I will present answers and alternatives to you for when it is already too much late and you verify, after having inspected carefully the hair of your son, who really has been invaded by this parasite tiny and as annoying as is the louse.

It is true that in the drugstore you can obtain several lotions piojicidas to exterminate this insect. But you must know that they exist another font of home-made alternatives that are equal of effectively and perhaps even even less harmful to the skin of your child.

After the hop it discovers the home-made remedies against the louse century.

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