Friday, January 29, 2010

A year of Lex every day, photo to photo


Some years ago the traditional thing was to take the baby to a photographic study and that there they were taking to him some pictures that then would be revealed and hung on the wall of the house. Then the parents were the managers of taking the pictures and ordering them to a house of photo to which they were revealing them.

The times clearly have changed. And when we begin to ourselves to be accustomed to 1000 pictures that could take with the digital camera and to the moment later visualize it for the monitor of the computer, zas. The fashion happens to be in YouTube and there is no father who does not have an account and has raised videos of his babies and children.

Every time they are more original and creative, we cannot deny it. As the example that I bring to them next: a father took a picture for day of his baby during an entire year and with it it created the only video.

(I resided …)

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