Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Advices for the sure use of Internet of the children


Years behind, to have a phone line in its own quarter, was the step of the infancy to the adolescence. It was the indication of that the parents were entrusting that his children could have conversations deprived to the phone. Anyhow in order month the account of the phone was coming and the parents were finding out and had control of the realized calls.

Nowadays with the arrival and the extensive use of Internet in the smallest, the control panel must be major and more sophisticated. This does not mean the prohibition, but yes a clear worry. Internet can be a farm or a forest, depending on how it is used.

It is for it that we will continue the advices of and-How and will see everything what every father must bear in mind and continue to feel safe when his small son spends hours sailing along Internet.

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