Monday, January 18, 2010

How to take forward a divorce with small children?

A divorce not only fond of two involved parts but also of his children, especially when they are still small and even do not understand why mom and dad are already not together. It is said, even, that the impact can be so strong that is compared to the loss of some of them.

Finally, the boys are those who more suffer, since they feel guilty of that the dad or the mom goes away of house and they suffer because they believe that they already do not want them any more. This situation confuses and depresses the children, with consequences so serious that they go from absence of concentration in the school, problems of conduct up to feelings of solitude and depression, with the possibility of having serious difficulties to begin relations in his future.

Although it is a situation much díficil for the boys because his life is not going to be equal with his separated parents, I present a few advices to you so that you know how to take forward this big change of the best way.

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