Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ideas of decoration for Baby Shower


We already once present to them entertaining and economic ways of creating a decoration of Baby Shower. But today new ideas come to us from HogarTotal and of the Rafaela hand we discover more advices to decorate the hearth for the celebration of this meeting as special as it is Baby Shower.

The fact is that not only the future mom is congratulated and obsequiousnesses delivery is done to him for the new member of the family, during Baby Shower. To organize this meeting also implies planning games, gifts and a due decoration to manage to infect to all of the spirit of the pregnancy.

The original idea that I will present to them today is that of turning the tables into babies' beds. Simple and brilliant: no? The celebration will take place between cushions, plush and pajamas. Of course: it is prohibited to yawn!

(I resided …)

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