Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You flute in the pregnancy

Estrías joins paunch in the pregnancy

You mark of excellent mother, the stretch marks in the pregnancy worry us earlier, during and later. They are less the women who can affirm that the pregnancy did not leave traces, because to the majority we have had left any mark.

The stretch marks take place when the skin stretches quickly, what sometimes generates itch or itch. He will amaze it to us flexible that can be our skin. But when the normal production of collagen (a protein that makes the conjunctive textile of the skin) falters due to the sudden growth, these scars appear.

Generally they are of reddish - purple color at first, then they happen to a pearly white person. A light subsidence is typical in the skin and a texture different from the normal skin.

In addition to the abdomen, they can appear in the breasts, in the low part of the back, on the bone of the hip, in the thighs and glúteos. Certainly, everything depends on the skin of the woman, there are more fragile skins and others not so much. Also the way affects of sedentary, the feeding, the water quantity that we take and the quantity of pregnancies. Perhaps in the first one few ones go out for us and in the following one more.

Although there is nothing that could prepare them, some women make sure that certain creams or oils have helped them. Between the care during the pregnancy, to prepare the stretch marks there is advised oil of almonds, creams with cocoa butter, creams with suppressed collagen high place and elastina.

Beyond the miraculous creams, it is necessary to remember that the stretch marks are scars. Perhaps there is some product that attenuates them a little, but for the time being, there is no cream that erases them. If they bother you too much, you can consult with a dermatologist. The medical treatments like surgery, dermoabrasión or laser they can improve the aspect of the skin.

But, there stays the consolation that an aunt was saying: there are the drawings that my three kids have given me.

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