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Method Ogino Knaus

couple Method Ogino Knaus

There are many contraceptive methods between which to choose, you will see which it is the one that more adapts himself to your way of life and to your relation of couple.

If you have a stable couple and need only a method that avoids the pregnancy, it knows this skill incluída inside the natural methods of familiar planning.

The method Ogino-Knaus, also acquaintance like the method of the rhythm or of the calendar, was conceived in 1924 by the Japanese gynecologist Kyusaku Ogino. In 1928 the medical Austrian Hermann Knaus perfected it. It owes his name to them.

And of what does this method consist? It consists of determining the fertile days in the cycle of the woman, so much to avoid to have a pregnancy as to look for it.

By means of a few simple calculations based on the menstrual period of the woman, these doctors determined the fertile and unfertile days.

It is believed that for a woman whose menstrual cycle is of between 25 and 32 days:

  • it is unfertile the first 7 days of his cycle
  • it is fertile between the 8th and 20th
  • the 21st is unfertile again

It is necessary to control the cycle six mese s continued to observe his regularity. It is necessary to clarify that only it serves in case of the women who have regular cycles.

It is considered that if it is used correctly, it has a status of effectiveness near to 80 %, although some specialists do not recommend it because it is based on the previous cycles of the woman and does not consider the normal changes that can happen every month. They suggest that the method of the ovulation or that of the temperature they are better like natural control of the birthrate.

At the time of choosing a contraceptive method it is necessary to bear in mind also the costs, if there are taking medicines that they could to affect and also her f acilidad of use.

The important thing is to find along with our couple a comfortable and effective way of choosing when we want to bring a son to our life, to wait for it with the best health and happiness.

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