Saturday, March 20, 2010

Typical of the babies born in March

March Typical of the babies born in March We are already in the third month of 2010, the babies who are born in this month will be different from those who are born in another height of the year. The fact is that for the astrology there are great the variants that it can affect in the personality of a person.

The babies who are born in March will have like positive characteristic that in this month begins a new zodiacal year, therefore the children will have the best qualities of Pisces and of Aries and in this year 2010 they will combine his personal beauty with a big decision capacity.

Of course they will be captivating children, babies who will impress all with his smile and demonstrations of fondness.

As negative aspects it is that due to the retrograde position of Mars the first days of the month the children will need help to canalize this big energy entry and to have steadfastness and discipline, to achieve results.

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