Saturday, March 13, 2010

Simple tips to calm the crying of the baby (I)

simple tips to calm the crying of a baby Sencillos tips to calm the crying of the baby (I)

There must be nothing so stressful for the parents to listen to his baby crying inconsolably. And I imagine the desperation that they will feel when they do not find ways of calming it.

Often the crying of a baby owes to simple reasons. This way, you will know that to calm them in these situations is not so complicated as it seems.

It knows what are the reasons for which the babies cry and it applies the following simple tips to calm it to the moment.

Support the calmness. Do not despair if you feel that the baby weeps for a lot of time. The worst thing that you can do is estresarte, since the baby will recognize this sensation.

It checks the nappy. A wet or dirty nappy is a reason for which a baby can complain, even if you have changed them recently. Check the nappy and if you find it dirty, change it into the clean one.

He verifies his temperature. Another cause of the crying can be due to the fact that it has fever. He feels the nape or the forehead of the baby to see if it is warm and then it measures his temperature. If this one overcomes them 37th C the fact is that the child is feverish, by what you must call the doctor.

Feed it. Most of the babies crying when they are hungry. Offer him the breast or bring the feeding-bottle over to calm it.

Calm the gases to him. If the baby begins to cry after having eaten, possibly he is suffering from gases. It gives soft slaps in his back so that it could liberate them.

Distract it. Bring over a toy or slightly graceful bundle, like a dirty trick. To the moment he will forget why it was crying.

It curl up. Perhaps the baby is very small as to understand the meaning of the feelings and the love of his parents, but it does not mean that it them does not sit. Support it next to you, say to him how much you want and give him kisses and hugs.

He sings and dances. The voice of mom or dad singing softly while they move slowly with the baby in arms, they will do that the child perceives a sensation of calmness that will help to calm it even, even, to remain eaten.

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