Friday, March 12, 2010

Tips for a future mom with excess weight

excess weight Tips for a future mom with excess weight Yesterday we saw that to begin a pregnancy with excess weight is not the best thing, but you must not also get alarmed for having some kilos of more, of course you must have in looking after and avoiding to raise more weight of the necessary one.

I leave some councils of to you so that you have a healthy pregnancy:

• To avoid to be hungry it takes small meals with snacks between them and do not forget to have breakfast, a good breakfast avoids the excesses during the day.
• He looks for healthy ways of satisfying the whims that you have between meals
• It satisfies your famine with healthy meals that they do not fatten, the vegetables must not be missing since they have few calories and are very healthy.
• Stay active during your pregnancy, consult with your doctor so that he recommends to you a plan of suitable exercise.
• A way of knowing what you eat and because it is to note down, if to the length of the day you realize that you eat when you are bored search activities to avoid to get bored.
• Certain drinks like the sodas, the stiff juices of fruit or all those drinks that have sugar have many calories, it tries to replace them with lighter others like:

- Made vegetables fruit drinks at home
- It waters down with ice, with a track of orange and a few sheets of mint - fresh Lemon soda without sugar
- Natural juice without sweetening
- A soda done with sparkling mineral water and juice
- The refreshments without sugar (light) also are a good option, consultation that you can consume artificial sweetener.

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