Monday, March 8, 2010

The Spanish moms are …

madre1 The Spanish moms are … The times change and the life rhythms also, every epoch has his style, and the mothers are not foreign to the changes. To be a mother in the XXIst century is not the same that it to have been the XXth.

The signature Chicco realized in Spain of the first Country report on the Infancy and the Maternity in which there is analyzed the profile of the mothers of the XXIst century.

Apparently the current mothers keep on choosing for ‘the parejita’ at the time of planning the family, up to 73 per cent of the interviewed women he aspires to have two children, in contrast to a few years ago when the children quantity was top.

The age in which the women choose to be mothers for the first time also changed, at present, the access to the maternity it is more and more late, being located the middle age over 30 years.

Almost half of the women who are mothers between the 39 and 45 years, younger sons of 10 have, and 20 % of them, minors of 5, largely due to the second unions or marriages, more and more frequent, that propitiate the existence of small children at advanced ages.

The care of the baby keeps on being a task essentially feminine, but the role of the men is growing, 44 per cent affirm to share tasks to equal parts, especially the related ones to the most playful character, that is to say: to play, to do caresses to him, to take him in arms, to change nappies, to take him of walk, to attend to him when it cries, between others.

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