Thursday, March 11, 2010

Excess weight in pregnant women

I weigh Excess weight in pregnant women When a woman is pregnant it is inevitable the fact that his body will change and increase of weight, some women increase the normal and different thing a little more, but when the pregnancy is begun with excess weight the history is different.

A woman who has excess weight should increase between 7 and 11,5 kg in whole, to a rhythm from 1 to 1,5 kg per week, and if it is obese should not increase any more than 7 kilos in the whole pregnancy. Obviously this depends on every woman and the best thing to be calmer is to consult your gynecologist.

A woman has excess weight if your index of corporal mass, before remaining a pregnant woman, was between 25 and 29,9, this index is the relation between the height and the weight and it is doing a division, you must divide your weight by the height to the square, that is to say if you weigh 70 kilos and measure 1,68 you will have to do the following account: 60÷1,68×1,68 (60 divided 1,68 ²) the result is 21, therefore your weight would be normal.

The excess weight of the mother increases the possibilities that complications take place during the pregnancy like the preeclampsia and the diabetes of the pregnancy.

To be on diet during the pregnancy is not an alternative, but what if it can do is to try to feed you on the best possible form.

Tomorrow I will give them some advices that insurance they will allow to them not to commit excesses that could turn out to be harmful to the baby or to your health.

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