Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stages of the pregnancy with images

Whenever my son was moving inside my paunch, I was wondering: what will be doing? and he was feeling me finding sometimes a knee, a foot, a codito. It was trying to foresee in what position it was.

The ultrasound scans or ultrasounds were a contact with him: to discover that it had the big mouth like his dad, to see how it was stretching and clinging to his piernitas: or it was yawning!. He was born and the unknowns were finished. It was of big mouth only, but rest of age very similarly to me.

Since there were no ultrasound scans every day, it was following the pregnancy learning what age the new thing that today it had or my son was doing. In this waiting, the only thing that we were lacking it was to know his carita.

It is of a big help to continue the stages of the pregnancy with images. This way, the tie with our baby is already taking form, we can feel it, can feel it and also we can imagine that it walks doing there inside based on what we have learned.

In this guide of virtual gestation you can see how your baby is in this moment. Since it is a small point installed in our womb, until it is prompt to go out, it does a long trip.

Every stage presents a heap of curiosities. For example, I did not know that four months after gestation our baby can already hear and this way know our voice and that of those who should speak to him close to the paunch. Or that at the age of seven months already have his uñitas and the hair begins them to grow.

The desire of know it or to know it can make us eager, especially if we are already to term. But patience, our baby needs his time to grow and to be born in good conditions. Meanwhile, you can amuse yourself with this video that shows the different stages of the pregnancy with images.

Puncture here to see the video

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