Monday, February 22, 2010

The children and the habit of the finger being absorbed

To take the thumb to the mouth is one of the practices that more identifies the babies and comes from before being born, when it is developing in the paunch of his mother. And this custom has one why: the child absorbs his thumb because it offers to him a sensation of comfort and calmness.

If a boy wakes up in the middle of the night because it is afraid, the finger is absorbed to turn his attention away and to turn to sleep. It is a natural habit of every child who must not worry his parents.

Nevertheless, it is not suitable that it spreads for the long time: the child must allow absorbing his thumb as maximum at the age of 6, so if it will not bring to him complications in the birth of his definitive teeth.

In these cases, the parents must be close and to watch his activity. In addition to that they are already big for this habit, his presence perhaps also indicates that the child is disturbed or worriedly for something, although it is unconsciously.

What must you do so that your child stops absorbing the thumb? Although all the children are only and each of them has his times, bear in mind the following advices to help it to leave this custom little by little:

First of all, nothing of punishments or scourges, since they never serve for anything and less in case of a habit that to the child arises himself naturally.

You must find some special toy so that the child amuses himself or to sing a lullaby to him before sleeping to offer to him this sensation of calmness for that he looks.

If you notice that your child absorbs his thumb when it is tired, offer him more time so that he sleeps. If it does it while it looks at his favorite television program, offer some doll or toy so that it supports his busy hands.

He prevents from absorbing his thumb in public places or in front of many people. Say to him that that must not do it and reward it when you notice that of to little it has managed to become alienated from the habit.

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