Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A special coffee for parents and children: Moomah

Commonly one believes that the coffees are places only for adults. One imagines a sober, intimate ambience and where undoubtedly any child would get bored. Nevertheless the creativity and the ingenuity has given birth to a place different from all. It is a question of a special coffee so that the parents could go with his children and these go on one evening to pure diversion and entertainment.

Located in Manhattan, the United States, Moomah is a space so that children and parents could create, make his imagination free, amuse themselves or to relax along with a warm cup of coffee. The ambience is really suggestive and warm. The decoration is admirable, nothing remains a drawee at random and it is quite especially thought-out so that children spend it well and big.

(I resided …)

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