Friday, February 12, 2010

Pregnancy symptoms

Do you suspect that you are pregnant but you still have not done the test to yourself? He attends on the symptoms of pregnancy, which although every woman presents different signs and in different intensity, there are very common some of them.

Many signs are similar to the premenstrual inconveniences, so if there are probabilities perhaps the best thing is to do a pregnancy test. For several motives: if you were waiting for it, not to do false illusions to you; if you had not foreseen it, not to confuse it with the period.

He remembers that if you are pregnant it is advisable that you see a doctor at once. To hope that the rule should come or the menstruation is not the best idea, many women we have experienced a delay in the rule because of the tension. ”The difficult gulps to spend them soon” my grandmother was saying, and it was not mistaken.

The most common signs that the pregnant women present are:

Lacking in menstruation: a little obvious, but it is not provided for those women with irregular periods.

Changes in the breasts: they become more sensitive, feel puffed up and hurt to the contact. They can bother up to the rubbing of the clothes. Not what says the supports or bras.

Morning sickness and vomiting: Many women feel only sicken, sensation that yields on having consumed some food rich in flour. Others do not manage to retain anything in his stomachs, can up to growing thin. The good thing is that they disappear on having come to the fourth month.

Smell: the sense of the smell sharpens in a way that you had never experienced it. Added to the morning sickness, it is possible that it provokes you of one day other hates your own perfumes or not to support to go to load fuel.

Whims and rejections: Desperation for a piece of cheese, distaste to the ice cream. Food that earlier you liked today can cause you morning sickness of only seeing them.

Sickness and faints: although they always appear in the soap operas like indicator of pregnancy of the protagonist, not always they present before themselves. Often there are a simple absence of sugar, therefore it is always convenient to have something sweet to hand.

To urinate often: simply there is more liquid in your body. The blood volumes rise even in one liter and a half. Regrettably, when you believe that this symptom is disappearing, the volume of your belly will do that it returns: now it is the baby that apreta the bladder, therefore you have minor retention capacity. Always support a bath surround!

Changes of humor: the strawberry of the cake. How all the physical changes were not enough, it seems that the nature played the past bad one to us. From the crying to the laugh, from the fear of the euphoria. All the emotional changes are allowed, your hormones are boiling. So, not to be complicated, if your work looks like to you a jail or you were inspired to question your husband, he thinks only that this also will happen.

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