Sunday, February 28, 2010

Depression post I set off: symptoms

The arrival of a baby generates a finished change in your life. There are modified your priorities, your schedules, your sleep. Up to your daily bath it stays for the last thing, or sometimes you remember to do it.

It is clear that all this avalanche of new experiences brings with it changes in your frames of mind. But if this change settles and you do not improve, be careful, childbearing can talk each other as a depression post.

In contrast to the depression puerperal, the depression post childbearing is more serious, it does not go away in a few days. He settles. There needs medical, fond attention your health and that of your baby. If you have had depression episodes in some moment of your life, you have a major risk of suffering again this illness.

Ready attention to these symptoms:

  • Changes of appetite
  • Make difficult to concentrate
  • Feeling of fault or uselessness
  • Lacking in interest or pleasure in most of the activities, still in those that earlier you were interested in.
  • Loss of energy
  • Make difficult to sleep or to sleep too much
  • Fear of hurting you or of damaging the baby
  • Negative thoughts towards the baby

The intensity of the feelings of anxiety and desperation is such, that it is not possible to expire with the daily tasks. The clothes battery to turn is a mountain, the sadness has neither break nor end, you see the life as if you had black glasses.

The good news is that effective treatments exist, there is medication that can take even during the lactation. The psychotherapy is also an excellent tool, together with the medication they work very well.

If you present these symptoms, do not stay on consulting your doctor. You are not a bad mother, but you are suffering an illness that affects one of the ten women and, like most of the illnesses, you cannot recover alone. You need help and the best thing is to ask for it. Your baby needs fierceness to you, you need to feel good.

Like any other depression, something that it helps is to get connected with the people who spent the same to him and could overcome it. It is a basic tool, she is sick to the reality, to you allow to separate what there are your fears generated by the frame of mind of what really is happening.

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