Monday, February 22, 2010

Love to the first bite

Sunday is the day of San Valentín, I already proposed some activities to them to realize with sin. But if in his family they belong to those who think that the love expresses itself with something rich, that is to say preparing something with the whole love of the world and giving it to a dear being, today of that time I bring to them a few very simple and ideal gastronomic proposals to do with the tiniest.

The first alternative there are these beautiful strawberries that we see in the photo, they are bathed in chocolate and present before themselves on a role for fairy cakes or cup cakes. They can prepare a few, place them inside a box, or them wrap in role cellophane, place to them a pretty bun, a card, and they are already ready to be given.

To the left we see a few richest brownies decorated with sugar glass or impalpable. They can do this cake that they like so much, cut a hollow heart away in a role, place the role on the cake and dust with the sugar.

These are small details that demonstrate fondness, and you: what do they think to do the day of San Valentín?

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