Saturday, November 28, 2009

Drawings of Christmas to color

Drawings of Christmas to color

Do the streets and shops of your city already shine with red ribbons, silver garlands and you cover with stars everywhere? This is a symptom of that the Christmas is already close. This date of such a special year for all, in whom the family meets, shares the lunch and the presents are delivered, does not leave carelessly anybody in this planet.

It is for it that it is already a moment of that you begin to prepare for yourself and to be to tone with the celebration of the Christmas. Red and green sound the traditional colors that cover everything. The figure of Santa Claus, the chimney where does this panzón go down with his big bag of gifts, the stars, the bells of Bethlehem, the Christmas averages, the manger and the typical snowmen shape all this holiday. Nothing can be missing.

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