Friday, October 16, 2009

To educate the children on the care of the environment


Undoubtedly the world realizes the effects that generate in the care of the environment every act of the men. From be transporting in a car, without recycling the garbage, wasting plastic bags, up to the contamination and the garbage that generate the big industrial factories. Every time we take more conscience and little by little we change our habits into a search of a better world. But those who will have to live in this Planet and will have to have full conscience of the damage that we do to him to the nature that will not go any more that to a later damage to the humanity, they are those that now less he blames have and into whom more there will relapse the responsibility of constructing a better world: the most teeny-weeny.

It is for it that it is indispensable to educate them from children in the importance that takes care of the Earth and in beginning to apply from boys this environmental conscience that will do that of big it seems natural to them to search the way of not contaminating. Searching this target the fact is that ANIA was created, the “Association for the Childhood and your Ambience” with head office in Peru.

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